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Fresh and Fertile Hatching Eggs - Adults - Chicks and Supplies

Phil's Best Button Quail

2023 Winter/Spring Newsletter

 Thank You for Visiting our Website!

Hello Friends!        

 I hope everyone is staying safe and warm as we await the arrival of Spring, which is rapidly approaching and will be here before you know it!

Here at Phil's Best Button Quail, we are busy building new breeder pens, cleaning and disinfecting incubation and brooding equipment in preparation of the breeding/chick season. All the breeder birds have been set up in their individual aviaries and the cocks are already courting the hens and looking their best. God! I love this time of yearr!

We anticipate heavy demand for our Butler's Bobwhite Quail eggs based on the number of early inquires and orders we have received thus far. The White Chukar Partridge eggs should be in good supply as well as the common Chukar Partridge, we have doubled our flock due to the high demand last season. 2023 will also welcome back the California Valley Quail hatching eggs and the Lady Amherst's Pheasant hatching eggs. W e anticipate a sell out again this year. The rest of the pheasants and quail hatching eggs will be limited so place your orders early as they normally sell out by mid April. Keep an eye out for new offerings this Spring, including Hatching Egg Assortments and Live Chick shipping!

As we look back at we take great pride in all that we have accomplished since moving to our "new" location 5 years ago. We have been able to expand our breeding, incubation and hatching capacity. Egg production was robust in 2022 and we expect the same going into 2023. We were also able to introduce some excellent new bloodlines to our Reeve's Pheasant, Purebred Lady Amherst's and Golden Pheasant breeding programs.

Thanks to an unusual rush of orders for the live Button Quail pairs and trios in September, we sold out the stock that usually takes us thru the holiday season. Shipping expected to resume in late March 2023.

We introduced live bird shipping of the 2022 hatch White Chukar Partridge, Grey Chukar, Butler's Bobwhite, California Valley Quail and Gamble's Quail and the orders poured in. We still have some birds available for shipping (weather permitting), please check for availability.

 The shopping carts have been enabled for pre-orders with shipping to begin around March/April depending on the species. Be sure to get your orders in early to ensure your place in line and receive early season eggs which have the highest fertility and viability.

All of our birds are raised under natural conditions, meaning we do not stimulate early or prolonged production thru the use of artificial lighting as we feel the birds deserve as natural a cycle as possible.

We have moved to a larger and much better location that has enabled us to continue to expand our operation to better serve your needs. Our updated mailing and contact information can be found on our "About Us" page.

We are now nestled in a beautiful, lush desert area surrounded by stately saguaro cactus and mesquite trees. The fauna of the area are incredible! We feel so peaceful and serene here. 

I would like to take a moment to thank all of our repeat clients for your continuing support that keeps us going, and to our new customers for helping us to continue growing. Do know that we appreciate your orders, but more importantly, we appreciate you and your faith in our business and our products, for without you our dream would not be realized. 

Thanks again - Phil Garcia

Thank You for your support.

-Phil Garcia-

When emailing us, please use the preferred address: [email protected]